Nutrition Precision and Obesity

During 2017, the Precision Nutrition and Obesity Research Program has incorporated two Postdoctoral Researchers, one of them through a Ramon y Cajal contract; and one predoctoral researcher and one laboratory technician trough the Garantia Juvenil Program cofounded by the Community of Madrid.

Researchers from the Nutritional Genomics and Epigenomics group published 23 articles in 2017, 65% of these covered by the Q1 del Science Citation Index, achieving an average impact factor of 4.38. Dr. Lidia Daimiel, a researcher from the Nutritional Genomics and Epigenomics group, is the Principal Investigator of the PREDIMED Plus Project (IMDEA Food node), who received in 2017 fi nancing from Instituto de Salud Carlos III (PREDIMED + DM PFIS PI17/00508) to continue this Project. At present, all the subjects participating in the IMDEA Food node of PREDIMED Plus has completed the fi rst year of the intervention.

About the group on Cardiovascular and Nutritional Epidemiology, their researchers have published 33 articles in peer-reviewed Journals during 2017; of them, 20 articles corresponded to Journals within Q1 of the Science Citation Index. Moreover, Dr. Pilar Guallar obtained a competitive grant from the annual FIS call (Instituto de Salud Carlos III, PI17/01709) and the group renewed the funding from the CIBER of Epidemiology and Public Health. Finally, during 2017 this group fi nished the recruitment of participants in the ENRICA-seniors II study, a cohort of 3.000 communitydwelling older people in Madrid. The second wave of data collection in this cohort will start in the fall of 2018