Precision Nutrition and Communication Unit

EIT Food’s Ambition

EIT Food’s vision is to put Europe at the center of a global revolution in food innovation and production. It will engage consumers in the change process and make sure that consumers can enjoy food that is tasty, healthy, sustainable and fair.

This will be achieved by:

  • Developing new talents: attract and engage new talent through EIT Food education programs with curricula designed to overcome the ‘silos’ of knowledge and skills in specific areas of the food system. We will introduce new learning methods, entrepreneurial tools, and business practices that empower students, professionals and executives at all career stages to become entrepreneurial champions in Europe’s food sector.
  • Delivering business creation and acceleration support: boost the competitiveness of the EU food sector and ensure that Europe remains the number one global exporter of food and drink. EIT Food will proactively support entrepreneurs in transforming their ideas into businesses through the entire startup cycle. It will generate future entrepreneurial champions in the food sector who will fulfil their ambitions to improve nutrition, achieve food security and promote resource-efficient food systems.
  • Creating consumer-valued food for healthier nutrition: develop innovative tools and technologies that support personalized consumer nutrition. These will deliver customized diets that consumers can monitor themselves through non-invasive mobile devices and individual online coaching. This will help to narrow the current gap between people’s intentions and actual behavior towards healthier foods and lead to an improvement of people’s health across Europe.

As part of the activities that EIT Food will carry out in 2019, 14 projects participated by IMDEA Food and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid have been granted:

  1.  (18249-19) Food System Master of Science
  2.  (18250-19) Global Food Venture Program
  3.  (18268-19) Human Capital
  4.  (19029) The FutureKitchen Virtual Reality and Eating- Healthy Video Infotainment Series
  5.  (19071) How to effectively change food habits: innovative techniques and personalized nutrition approaches
  6.  (19097) FOODMIO
  7.  (19123) Food of the future: engineering solutions
  8.  (19150) An Introduction to Food Systems: Scientific, Technical and Socioeconomic Principles to Facilitate the Creation of Food Value network
  9.  (19152) IValueFood
  10.  (19163) EcoPack: Finding solutions to enable consumers and retailers to pack on-the-go items in grocery stores ecologically
  11.  (19169) The #AnnualFoodAgenda (Led by IMDEA Food and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
  12.  (19180) MAKE-IT! An infrastructure to hack simpler and smarter food value chains3.73.
  13.  (19186) WE Lead
  14.  (19206) From waste to worth – Use of Plants Residues